Life After School

They say that one’s life in school is in fact the happiest, the easiest and the most unforgettable. But of course, one cannot stay in school for too long. Completing the academics is expected and it is much more anticipated for one to find a job and live his adult life to the fullest.

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But what really happens after the graduation? People tends to think that life after school is all sweets. But who would not? Earning one’s own money seems like everyone’s main agenda as soon as he steps out to the real world. However, this should not really be the case. The most important thing perhaps, is looking for a something to do not only to earn but also to fulfill one’s passion. It does not matter whether one will choose to become an accountant, an IT manager or even a lawyer.

Life after school is just the beginning of everything. There are so much that life has to offer and this should be enjoyed and learned from.



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