Planning for Active Directory Implementation

Thanks to the expansion of the range of Active Directory in Windows Server 2008, it has become a critical part of most IT environments. A part of a storage structure, Active Directory enables the organization of computers, groups, users and other objects. However, before you can implement Active Directory, careful planning is required.


  1. You need to identify your root domain and name it as per the domain name system (DNS) namespace.
  2. Find out which one you’ll need for your organization between a tree or a forest.
  3. Check if you’ll require more domains and child domains.
  4. Determine the domain models that’ll fit your needs based on your environment and requirements.
  5. Review your business processes and models to find out the OU model that’s best for you.
  6. Find out which administrative privileges your OU administrators will need and delegate them.
  7. Draw and analyze your Active Directory structure.

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